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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.
The Do's & Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

The Do's & Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

As November creeps closer, the time has come for business owners and entrepreneurs to put together their corporate gifting plan for the holiday season. Psychology studies have shown that a well-received gift can improve the quality of the relationship between giver and recipient by increasing feelings of connection, bonding, and commitment, while a poorly received gift can do the opposite.

Whether you’re thanking your team of employees and co-workers for a job well done this year or offering your most valuable clients a special something to strengthen your professional relationship, choosing the right kind of corporate gift is key to making the right impression.


Get Creative

We’ve all received dozens of branded tote bags and water bottles at this point, so put down the generic catalogues and look around for something more unique and creative. Consider partnering with a local artisan to have a batch of custom products made; it’ll show your recipients that you’re an ethically-minded business supporting other small businesses in your community. 

Make it Practical

Consider the practicality of your gift choice; is it something the recipient will be grateful to have and use on a regular basis, or will it end up in a junk drawer? The best corporate gifts I’ve ever received were things that I didn’t have already and that brought some kind of value to my life. 

Make it Fun

Do your recipients love cocktails? How about creating a custom cocktail kit for them to enjoy at home! Adding an element of enjoyment to their experience with your gift will get their happy chemicals firing as they interact with it. Bonus if it (subtly) shows off your brand, as they’ll subconsciously associate your company (and the relationship you share) with the fun they’re experiencing!



Gift Clothing

It can be challenging to predict the clothing styles that people will appreciate, but even more challenging (and potentially awkward) is guessing somebody’s clothing size. If you’re buying for your team of co-workers, a simple & classy branded jacket may be appropriate, but I don’t recommend gifting clothing to your clients or collaborators. It’s also a bit presumptuous to assume that somebody outside of your organization will want to walk around wearing your logo. ;)


Wait Until the Last Minute

The holidays have a habit of creeping up on us, with December usually going by in a hurried frenzy, not to mention that the postal system gets totally jammed at exactly this time of year. It’s a good idea to plan and put your corporate gifting strategy into motion by mid-November, at the latest! Especially if you’re getting creative (as mentioned above) with a super unique and/or local gift idea that’s not made in a huge factory, it’s best to give this process lots of extra time.

Make it Purely Promotional

Branding your corporate gift is optional, but over-branding it is not recommended. It’s better not to send out gifts than to send out something that looks like it might have been a giveaway item at your last trade show booth. The psychology of gifting is all about gratitude and reciprocity, so if you’re going to brand your gift, make sure it’s classy and not in your face.  

If you’re in the market for a unique corporate gift idea that checks all of these boxes, look no further! Our completely customizable corporate wood jigsaw puzzles are an heirloom-quality gift that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Studies have shown that puzzling is great for the brain, and bonus: it’s an off-screen activity that the whole family can enjoy. Crafted with care in Victoria, BC using algorithms, robots and human hands, these puzzles are unlike anything your clients or co-workers have ever received. 

Custom Promotional Puzzles
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