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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.

Featured Artists

  • Kim Nipp

    Kim Nipp

    Kim Nipp Kim Nipp is an illustrator and animator specializing in scientific visualization. Originally trained in behavioural neuroscience, Kim currently works in the interdisciplinary field of medical illustration. Outside of scientific research, their creative art is inspired by nature, and...

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  • Alex Grey

    Alex Grey

    Alex Grey Alex Grey is best known for his paintings which “X-ray” multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving physical and biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. Grey’s visual meditation on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his...

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  • Allyson Grey

    Allyson Grey

    Allyson Grey An accomplished visionary artist, Allyson Grey’s paintings invent a symbol system representing chaos, order and secret writing. Co-founder of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City, is the wife and partner of internationally renown artist, Alex...

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  • Nell Ayotte

    Nell Ayotte

    Nell Ayotte Nell Nancy Ayotte is an artist and writer living on the unceded land of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples of the Songhees nation. Inspired by maximalist décor, ancestral ties, art of yesteryear and the etherial, Nell’s work strives to reflect...

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  • Deborah Todd

    Deborah Todd

    Deborah Todd is a self-taught artist residing near Victoria, British Columbia. By day, she navigates the intricacies of Family and Estate law in the city. Deborah’s vibrant artworks reflect her lifelong love for colours and her idyllic lakeside surroundings. With no formal training, she fearlessly explores her creativity, capturing the essence of joy and whimsy in every brushstroke.
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  • Sharon Lam

    Sharon Lam

    Sharon Lam Sharon Lam was born in Hong Kong and raised in Victoria, BC. Growing up in her family restaurant downtown, Sharon loved their weekly shopping trips at Fisgard market, always looked forward to eating egg tarts at Wah Lai...

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  • Sarah (Thiessen) Tonin

    Sarah (Thiessen) Tonin

    Sarah (Thiessen) Tonin Sarah (Thiessen) Tonin is a self-taught visual artist and community arts educator from Winnipeg, MB, currently based in Victoria, BC. Skilled in illustration, graphic design, screen printing, shadow puppetry, sculptural bicycle art and interactive festival installations, Sarah loves exploring...

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  • Morgana Wallace

    Morgana Wallace

    Morgana Wallace Morgana Wallace was born into an artistic family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and later moved to Victoria, British Columbia, where she studied at the Victoria College of Art before becoming a full-time artist.  As a child, she was captivated...

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  • Troy Benoit

    Troy Benoit

    Troy Benoit A Self Taught Artist from Nova Scotia, Troy Benoit has been making art ever since he could. Inspired by patterns in nature, animals, dreams and travels, he enjoys creating in a variety of different mediums including illustration, silkscreening,...

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