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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.

Featured Artists

  • Diane Adolph

    Diane Adolph

    Diane Adolph is an accomplished visual artist with a working studio/gallery in Victoria, BC. She is recognized for her bold use of colour and her unique composition and design ability which is depicted in her bright acrylic city scenes and still life paintings.
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  • Monica Morrill

    Monica Morrill

    Monica Morrill was born on Southern Vancouver Island where she grew up exploring the beaches, forests and mountains of the west coast. She moved off the island to complete a university degree and spent the following years living in various regions across Canada, an experience which has greatly influenced her work.
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  • Ed Hughes

    Ed Hughes

    Ed Hughes is a Victoria based artist working with oils and acrylics for a little more than 50 years. Until 2016 he also taught at McMaster University, but now paints full-time from a beautiful Oak Bay studio (deer occasionally climb up and graze the green roof). His art primarily reflects relationships between us and our natural world.
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  • Mike Lathrop

    Mike Lathrop

    Born and raised in Calgary, Mike Lathrop moved to Victoria to earn a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria from 1990-94. After working in graphic design, motion graphics video, and internet programming in Vancouver, he returned to Victoria in 2006, and then to painting in 2016.
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  • Shawn O'Keefe

    Shawn O'Keefe

    Born on Vancouver Island I’ve spent many years painting and connecting with nature. Hiking out and sitting with my canvas in a quiet conversation with the landscape, the experience is visceral and time can disappear when all is right.
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  • Miki Morita

    Miki Morita

    Miki Morita Miki Morita was born in Japan and now lives in Victoria, B.C. She gets her inspiration from the beauty of Vancouver Island nature and wildlife; especially, the killer whale as an iconic symbol of west coast waters. It...

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  • Luke Ramsey

    Luke Ramsey

    Luke Ramsey Luke Ramsey exhibits internationally and works in public art, murals and illustration. His client list includes The New York Times, The Cartoon Network, Patagonia, The BC Children’s Hospital and more. Luke’s paintings are in collections with The Government...

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  • Mandy Leinbach

    Mandy Leinbach

    Mandy Leinbach Wildlife Artist Mandy Leinbach is based out of Victoria, BC. She has been painting and creating in various mediums since 2002. She is a playful spirit with a love and appreciation for all things nature and conserving the...

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  • Saman Rezapour

    Saman Rezapour

    Saman Rezapour Saman is a freelance commercial photographer and videographer who specializes in outdoor and lifestyle content. He found his love of photography through his many travels and his love for adventure. Through his work, he captures the essence and...

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