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Free North American shipping on orders over $120! Automatically applied at checkout.
Free North American shipping on orders over $120! Automatically applied at checkout.


How many pieces are in a puzzle?

We have several piece counts for our puzzles which are listed on each product listing. Currently our puzzles range from 100pc (small) to 300pc (medium). We do have plans on launching larger puzzles with more pieces later this year.

    What age are these puzzles recommended for?

    Our puzzles are appropriate for anyone agedย 6 and up.

    Will you make puzzles for children under 6?

    We are currently exploring puzzles for younger children and plan to launch them in the summer/fall of 2021

    Can I buy in person?โ€จ

    We are only accepting orders through our website at this time, but there is a local pick-up option at checkout.

    Can I get my own artwork or photo printed on a puzzle?

    Yes! We offer custom puzzles which you can purchase via the listing on our sidebar.

    What's that new puzzle smell?

    Our puzzles, like most other wooden puzzles on the market, are fabricated using a laser cutter which uses a high-powered laser beam to burn through the wood and cut out the pieces. The resulting campfire-like smell is non-toxic and will go away with time; you can leave the puzzle pieces to air out for a few days if you'd like to expedite that process.

    I'm missing a puzzle piece! What should I do?ย 

    You lost the piece:
    ย If you've lost a piece of your puzzle, you can purchase a replacement piece from us by sending an email to our team with photos showing us which piece you need replaced.ย โ€จ
    We shipped your puzzle with a missing piece:
    ย While it is a very rare occurrence, our team of humans does sometimes misplace a piece during the production process. If your new puzzle is missing a piece, email us right away and we will send you your missing piece free of charge within 30 days of purchase. Make sure to include photos so we know which piece is missing.