About puzzle lab

The time we’re in is unexpected and tricky. Reflecting on this, we were inspired to create something unexpected and tricky that feeds the soul, challenges the mind and satisfies our collective craving to overcome or solve puzzles in our lives.

Introducing puzzle lab, for your next-level, new reality puzzling experience.

Our heirloom-quality puzzles merge technology, art and nature. We start by curating stunning graphics in a variety of styles to suit a variety of tastes. Next, the wacky puzzle pieces are created in our digital laboratory with custom computer algorithms before they're laser cut at our studio in the heart of Victoria, BC. We are eco-conscious in our processes and material choices, and you won't find any plastic in our packaging. Plus, all of our product shipping is carbon neutral through a carbon credit offset program. These are puzzles you can feel good about!

The perfect gift, the perfect coffee table piece d’art, the perfect pandemic pastime.