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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for current processing times.
Stop the scroll: Why you should find an activity to replace your screen time

Stop the scroll: Why you should find an activity to replace your screen time

Stop the scroll screen detox

Have you ever been here?

You close your computer at 5pm on a Friday night in lock-down and make the < 20-step commute to your fridge to grab a beverage. plop onto your couch, settling in for another riveting weekend exploring the world through Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram.

You know you should find screen-free ways to entertain yourself and you really do love [insert your favourite creative hobby] but, sometimes, you just don’t have the mental capacity to dive into it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many users have been shocked at how much their phone screen time has gone up. Others have found that they’re using their phones less, but spending much more time on their computers and TVs.

And that’s totally fair. We can’t see our friends and family as often right now. We can’t spend nights out at bars or shows. And, now that winter’s here, of course we’re indoors even more.

Do you even digital detox, bro?

“Digital Detoxes” have become something of a trend; they encourage people to develop healthier habits around their technology use. Whether or not you want to call it a “detox,” there’s no denying that we can all benefit from less screen time by finding other ways to engage our brains, interact with our loved ones, and enjoy our own company.

And, no, you don’t have to quit the scroll cold turkey if you don’t want to. But, there’s a magical sense of empowerment that comes with finding a better balance that’s right for you.

Finding a go-to, satisfying activity that can replace some of your screen time is an excellent strategy. For example, just try muting your notifications and turning off your screens for a few hours in the evening and dive into a book or a mindful, brain-stimulating game or jigsaw puzzle.

Screen detox benefits

Benefits of spending less time on those darn screens include:

  • Less time comparing yourself to others on social and traditional media
  • Curbing your impulse to use your phone as a “security blanket” whenever you get bored or feel anxious
  • More restful sleep: that blue light does not do good things for your melatonin production
  • Better posture: “Tech neck” is a thing
  • Increased mindfulness skills
  • Improved brain function: You know the hit of dopamine you get with every little *beep* notification? Those are known as “dopamine loops” and they can mess with your brain

Snooze your cell phone, try a jigsaw puzzle

Whether it’s reading, drawing, or puzzling, once you develop a habit of reducing your scroll time, you’ll find you start to relax just at the thought of putting away your screens.

Jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic option because they stimulate your brain and entertain you, but they don’t require a huge dose of creativity (plus it’s pretty easy to get nice and focussed when you start one). 

When you’re feeling spent after a long work week or just want something light but stimulating to enjoy, try a jigsaw puzzle. They challenge you without putting too much pressure on you to come up with whole new ideas and, well, they’re fun!

Plus, there are a ton of brain-boosting benefits of jigsaw puzzles, from neurological development, to stress relief. 

That’s why we got into the puzzle game, really. At Puzzle Lab, we’re driven to provide beautiful, hand-crafted products that give people a way to challenge themselves, tune in, and just unplug once in a while. 

Not to mention, they’re pretty to look at it. If you find yourself longing for Instagram’s eye-stimulating feed, just try finishing one of our crazy satisfying art puzzles instead. 

Downtown Funk wood puzzle by NASARIMBA


Have you been on a Digital Detox?

We’d love to know what your experiences have been like trying to limit your scroll time! Drop a comment to tell us about it. 

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