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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.

Arbutus #1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This puzzle is being discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase once our existing stock is sold. Don't miss your chance to add this beauty to your collection, plus enjoy a 30% discount on this outgoing design!


Legend has it the Ancient Romans associated the arbutus tree with good fortune. They often laid the tree's flowers on graves to make sure loved ones safely made their way to the next life. But that’s not all—their red fruit are also said to be favoured by the goddesses of Love, Venus, and Aphrodite. The goddesses used the tree to channel serious feelings of love and gratitude.

We'll take two, please.

This red-toned tree is native to temperate coastal regions like the Mediterranean and the southern west coast of North America, from Vancouver Island down to Mexico. And they're rarely found farther than 8km from the rippling waves of the sea. Clearly, they know how to live the good life. Now you can bring home a couple of these elegant trees with this gorgeous painting by Victoria, BC-based artist Joanne Thomson.

Artwork: "Goddess View" by Joanne Thomson


This meditative wood jigsaw puzzle has approximately 175 wacky organic pieces and was crafted on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada.

Our uniquely shaped pieces have been grown in a digital laboratory with custom computer algorithms, and make for a special and slightly trickier puzzling experience.


Piece Count: approx. 175
Size: 7” x 12” 
Difficulty: 🌶🌶🌶
Thickness: 1/4"
Material: UV laminated print on Maple Ply
Made in Canada

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