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Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.
Our puzzles are made to order - this ain't Amazon Prime! Click here for our current processing times.
The Puzzle Lab Testers: Our Trusty Brand Ambassadors

The Puzzle Lab Testers: Our Trusty Brand Ambassadors

These hand-picked insta-puzzlers have the exciting duty of testing our newest puzzles and posting their findings on social media for the world to see!

Each Lab Tester was sent a personalized Lab Testing Kit, including a branded clipboard, a stack of Lab Reports, and a customized stamp featuring their own Instagram handle. Keep an eye out for their filled-out Lab Reports contained within their Puzzle Lab posts, to get an inside glimpse and find out what they thought!

Please join us in welcoming these outstanding individuals to the Puzzle Lab family, and don't forget to give them a follow so you never miss a post. 🤗



New in 2023!
Hello! I'm Zurry Donevan and I currently live in Toronto, Ontario with my non-puzzle loving husband (I've tried!! He's just not that into it! lol) and my 3 girls. I work as a photographer so naturally love making and taking pretty pictures! I rediscovered my love for puzzling just before the pandemic hit and I haven't stopped since then. When I am not puzzling, you can find me camping or canoeing with the family or out on the slopes on my snowboard.



New in 2023!
Hello! I'm Sammy, and together with my parents, Karen and Scott, we are Keepin' the Piece! We have always been a family of puzzlers, but returned to the hobby during the early days of the pandemic. Not only has puzzling been a great source of stress relief, but it has also been the perfect bonding activity! Discovering the online puzzle community last year has greatly expanded our puzzling horizons, introducing us to countless new brands, and getting me and my mom involved in the wild world of speed puzzling. It has also led us to creating some truly wonderful friendships! Outside of puzzling, I like to dabble in 3D modeling and visual effects, while my dad loves making music and art, and my mom is an avid reader and chef.


Besides being a puzzle lover, I am an avid book reader and library supporter. My job is the Art & Marketing Director for an online tutoring company. I've worked for them for almost 20 years (crazy!) and have always worked remotely. I also get to travel across the states and occasionally to Canada for trade shows and to provide training to clients. With the pandemic, I haven't traveled in a couple of years. I am looking forward to returning to that soon! I love my job and getting to be creative. I have a 12 year old stepdaughter who is my favorite crafting and shopping buddy. My husband and I also have 3 dogs: a maltipoo, a corgi, and a maltese. I cannot imagine a life without dogs.


Working on a puzzle can be so therapeutic and I love being able to disconnect from technology to experience artwork in this unique, tactile way. I’ve always enjoyed working on puzzles but got a lot more connected to the puzzle community in 2018 when I co-founded a Toronto-based puzzle swapping group which has since grown to 2K members. Building community through this hobby has connected me with some of the kindest people in my city and has been a great source of support during this global pandemic. When I'm not puzzling I'm usually reading a book (my other passion), trying out a new cafe or restaurant, playing a board game, or spending time with my cats (Oleander and Lavender). By day, I work at a community-based non-profit where I try to find solutions to real-life puzzles of the non-jigsaw variety.


Am I a dinosaur? Unfortunately no! Am I a unicorn? Again, shamefully no. Am I obsessed with dinosaurs, unicorns, and all things rainbowy goodness? Yep! Along with puzzles (obviously), musicals, skeletons, and all the weird and wacky things that make my heart sing. Living in FL with Hubs and the cats, working in the entertainment lighting industry by day, and hibernating in the Puzzle Piazza (my dedicated puzzle room) by night.


Hi! I’m Erik, I’m 40, and I’ve lived in Indiana my entire life. I live in a small city with my 9 year old son and our small dog, Eevee. We enjoy doing outside activities (biking, hiking), in the warmer months, which means winter gives us more time for puzzles and video games. I’ve enjoyed puzzling my whole life, but it really took off when the pandemic hit in 2020. My job in construction wasn’t really affected, but I turned more to puzzles in my free time to help deal with the stress, and it’s become a full blown hobby that has no end in sight.


I am an empty nester for 4 years. I help my husband with his online Bunka embroidery store but I often sneak extended breaks during the day to puzzle. Other than puzzling I’m often spending my free time learning new applications to help create my whimsical puzzle reels.



Hi! I’m in my 50’s and a mom of 4 kids. I have a masters in Early Education and have done several things from teaching, to selling kids clothes, planning parties and crisis counselling. I love to connect with my followers and help when people need someone just to listen. I love puzzling, especially wooden puzzles, and love sharing my puzzles with friends and neighbours.

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